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Evaluating OGP’s Potential to Deliver Change

Evaluación del potencial de OGP para generar cambios

Évaluation du potentiel du PGO pour apporter le changement

OGP Support Unit|
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Are you a government reformer or civil society champion engaged with OGP? We want to hear from you! We are excited to launch the 2021 OGP Stakeholder Survey.

As we mark OGP’s tenth anniversary, we’re collecting vital information from all our stakeholders about how we at the Support Unit are helping you. We want to hear about the current situation in your region, country or local jurisdiction, what your hopes are for OGP in the future, and what challenges you see lying ahead of us. Your involvement in the OGP process is the lifeblood of OGP, so we want to ensure that we meet your needs.

To allow for a more in depth analysis across all of our stakeholders’ needs, we have combined the Point of Contact and Civil Society Surveys, aligning and streamlining questions in the process and expanding the scope to include a broader group of stakeholders across government and civil society.

Previous surveys showed that trust in OGP’s potential to deliver change was growing steadily and that governments were increasingly meeting civil society’s priorities. But, we also heard that more diverse communities need to be engaged in OGP and that our government partners struggle with limited support from their own governments, and face problems engaging meaningfully with civil society. This valuable input shapes our work substantially and feeds into strategies such as the Three-Year Plan. It has now been three years since our last survey, and we are excited to hear how things have changed and where we can support you to deliver the open government agenda.

The survey is available in English, French and Spanish. It will remain open until October 15.  We will share the results at the OGP Global Summit in December.

Based on your feedback, we can improve the support we offer to civil society and government partners across the world. Thank you for taking the time and effort to fill this survey out.

Comments (3)

K Mohan Raidu Reply

It is so strange that India is missing from the OGP countries list.
We will be more than happy to associate and be part of the OGP.
Please share the details.

Jessica Monaco Reply

Thanks for your interest! You can find more information on formally joining OGP here:

Luis Ferrer Reply

Es fundamental contar con el apoyo de OGPLocal para avanzar en políticas de transparencia, datos abiertos, rendición de cuentas y participación ciudadana. Algunos Gobiernos Locales utilizan el mote de “Gobierno Abierto” tan sólo para mostrarse como no lo son (algo así como colocar un inmenso sticker de “dietético” a un paquete de papas fritas!).
Temo que, de esa manera, se logra justamente el efecto inverso al buscado!!!!

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