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2021 OGP Global Summit: Seoul, Republic of Korea

OGP’s next Global Summit will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, September 6-7, 2023. Learn more »

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The Republic of Korea hosted the 2021 Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit from December 15-17, 2021. 

The Summit provided a platform and moment for reflecting on the progress of OGP in its first decade and presented a vision for the future. The themes aligned with the current Co-Chair Priorities: strengthening civic space and public participation, tackling anti-corruption, and promoting inclusive digital innovation.

OGP Global Summits historically provide an opportunity for representatives of government, civil society, and others to exchange experiences, best practices, and progress on open government initiatives and implementation. This was the 7th OGP Global Summit; previous Summits have been held in Canada, Georgia, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Brazil. 



Read this blog post for a summary of ten things you may have missed at the Summit.

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