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Renzo Falla

Senior Research Officer

Renzo Falla is responsible for research and data analysis for the State of Open Government Report. He previously worked for the Independent Reporting Mechanism where he supported national researchers with research and writing. He also authored the paper, “Why Commitments Fall Behind”, which describes the main obstacles to implementing OGP commitments. Renzo graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Government and Economics. He previously worked at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), where he supported citizen security and democracy projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Authored Content

Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine vials in a row macro close up

Effective, Efficient, and Equitable: How Open Government Can Deliver on Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are an essential tool in the race to save lives and rebuild economies during the pandemic. Read how open government can help to achieve the effective, efficient, and equitable delivery of vaccines.

Por qué los compromisos de OGP fallan

This is Why OGP Commitments Fail >> En Grecia, el gobierno se comprometió a establecer un proceso abierto para cubrir las vacantes del sector público. En Macedonia, el gobierno se comprometió a exigir procesos de consulta con los ciudadanos a…

This Is Why OGP Commitments Fail

Por qué los compromisos de OGP fallan >> In Greece, the government committed to create an open process for filling public sector positions. In Macedonia, the government committed to require consultations with citizens at the municipal level. And in Mongolia,…

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