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Sarah Dickson Photo

Sarah Dickson

Senior Program Officer

Sarah worked at the Open Government Partnership from September 2019 – June 2022 as a Program Officer supporting the Multi-Donor Trust Fund. Sarah has a background in democracy and governance program design and is interested in women’s political participation and innovations in monitoring and evaluation for international programs. Prior to joining OGP, she worked at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), an international NGO working to strengthen democratic institutions worldwide, where she supported NDI’s competitive proposal efforts. She holds an MPhil in Development Studies from Cambridge University and a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from Colgate University.

Authored Content

OGLC Blog – Featured Image

Announcing the Open Government Leadership Collaborative

The Open Government Leadership Collaborative (OGLC) pilot program sought to enhance the leadership capacity of reformers within the context of their work. As the program expands...

Group of people activists with raised fists protesting on streets, protests demonstration and coronavirus concept.

OGP Launches the Democratic Freedoms Learning Network

Democratic freedoms and civic space are the underpinnings for open government. They allow people to think and speak freely, act in coordination, and advocate for change without fear of reprisal or violence. These freedoms, however, are in decline and under…

Diverse team of creative millennial coworkers in a startup brainstorming strategies

OGP’s Approach to Peer Exchange: The Example of Beneficial Ownership

Peer exchange is an essential component of the OGP model. Learn how it can inspire reformers, provide a safe space for discussing common challenges, serve as a platform of joint problem solving, and strengthen the sense of community among reformers.

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