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Announcing the Open Government Leadership Collaborative

Anuncio del Colaborativo de Liderazgo de Gobierno Abierto

Sanjay PradhanandSarah Dickson|


The best thing was creating space for sharing and learning from other reformers from other cultures. This has given me confidence.

Sarah Lamrani, Director, Ministry of Economy and Finance and Administrative Reform, Morocco

A principal focus of OGP’s first decade has been sharing ambitious reforms to inspire members. In its next decade, the Partnership is raising its game to also focus on reformers themselves. Open government requires bold individual and collective leadership that can forge alliances, mobilize people, and persist to deliver results against formidable odds. OGP launched a pilot leadership program in June 2021 to do just that. 


Really really grateful. As we prepare for our next action plan, this OGLC is very useful for getting results. Investment in value proposition is the best investment. Learnt from TLEX that you need to take care of yourself to take care of others & never give up.

Inita Paulovica, Deputy Director, Head of the Public Administration Policy Department, Latvia

The Open Government Leadership Collaborative (OGLC) pilot program sought to enhance the leadership capacity of reformers within the context of their work. As the program expands, it will aim to build a refreshed and ever-growing coalition of open government leaders spearheading transformative reforms and advancing the open government movement.  


OGLC has been a thriving experience. This program came to fill a gap: we need support, inspiration, peer exchange.

Carolina Cornejo, former Open Government Director, Argentina

The OGLC pilot included a pioneer cohort of 20 government leaders from around the world, working at both the national and local levels of government. To design a program curriculum that best met their needs, OGP and program partner Transformative Leadership for Excellence Institute (TLEX) – a global leadership development organization – conducted a series of diagnostic interviews and surveys to distill their diverse visions, successes, and challenges on the implementation of open government initiatives.


I learnt techniques for building trust with public and value proposition which I’m using for my work. Most unexpected and crucial part of the program – importance of leading self and learning tools for mindfulness, breathing and relaxation.

Natalia Domagala, Head of Data Ethics, Cabinet Office, UK

These reformers communicated that they were looking for support to build alliances with senior politicians, ministries, civil society, and citizens; space to share best practices with fellow reforms; and tools for managing oneself amidst the stress of work. In response, OGP and TLEX developed a three-tiered leadership framework to guide the program curriculum:


After being a practitioner of OG, I now feel I have a degree in open government – thank you for this honor and privilege. Leading self aspect was the most important learning for me.

Mélanie Robert, former Executive Director, Open Government, Treasury Board, Canada
  1. Leading for Impact: Serving Citizens Better
  2. Leading with Others: Forging Alliances
  3. Leading Self: Clarity, Resilience, Nurturing Commitment

Based on this framework, the pioneer cohort participated in a six-month series of workshops. Activities included engaging across government ministries, building alliances with civil society, exploring types of communication, mapping stakeholders, and practicing mindfulness for building inner strength and leadership skills. Guest speakers hosted sessions on leading in a post-pandemic future and building trust with the public.


I have attended many other leadership programs and they always focus on reducing huge workload by prioritization, delegating – leaving things behind. This is the first time ever I have been taught tools for myself – tools which can help me accomplish more with more calmness and more energy. This is of utmost importance and very vital for OG work.

Katju Holkeri, Head of Governance and Leadership Policy Unit, Ministry of Finance, Finland

Throughout these sessions, the pioneer cohort shared personal experiences with their peers, building a network of reformers who can support each other in the face of challenges in their work. 

In the next few years, OGP will expand the OGLC and empower and connect open government reformers inside and outside government with practical tools and tactics to solve critical leadership challenges. The goal is to build an ever-growing network of committed leaders that can advance ambitious reforms and the open government movement. 

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Jorge Eliecer Pastran Pastran Reply

Excelente propósito de la OGP.
El GA, está estableciendo en la sociedad un nuevo e innovador paradigma de Gestión Pública, puesto que sus estándares y protocolos convierten en realidad social y política,la Gobernanza y la Gobernabilidad democráticas, como estrategias innovadoras que generan mayor valor público a las tareas estatales y gubernamentales con la transparencia y participación ciudadanas, en todo el proceso de decisiones que mediante las políticas públicas deben asegurar el respeto por los derechos ciudadanos y la lucha contra la corrupción.
Compartimos la estrategia para la creación de una nueva cultura en la Gestión para profundizar la democracia real en la sociedad.

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