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  1. Starred commitment Creation of a Mandatory Lobby Registry

    MAD0001, 2017, Lobbying

  2. Starred commitment Implementation and Monitoring of Lobbying Law.

    CL0030, 2014, Lobbying

  3. Starred commitment Regulation of Lobbying

    IE0014, 2014, Lobbying

  4. Starred commitment Bill Lobby

    CL0015, 2012, Anti-Corruption

  5. Citizen Feedback Portal on Draft Laws

    JAL0008, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  6. Regulation of Stakeholders

    IT0061, 2019, Lobbying

  7. Transparency in Lobbying

    LV0042, 2019, Lobbying

  8. Your Idea for the Zugdidi Mayor

    GE0085, 2018, Lobbying

  9. Technology for Transparency

    GE0091, 2018, Lobbying

  10. Law on Processing, Publishing and Enforcing Legislative Documents

    AF0002, 2017, Lobbying

  11. Open Council Bogotá

    CO0078, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  12. Lobbying Transparency

    LV0031, 2017, Lobbying

  13. Civic Engagement in Decision Making

    MN0024, 2016, Lobbying

  14. Transparency Registry of the Ministry for Economic Development

    IT0048, 2016, Lobbying

  15. Transparent Milan: Public Agenda of Meetings of Public Decision-Makers

    IT0050, 2016, Lobbying

  16. Promoting Transparency in the Decision-Making Process By Setting Up a Transparency Register (RUTI)

    RO0039, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  17. Transparency in Public Sector Lobbying by Third Parties

    HU0008, 2015, Anti-Corruption

  18. Open Procedures

    FI0021, 2015, Lobbying

  19. Regulation of Lobbying

    HR0023, 2014, Lobbying

  20. Enhancement of the ENER Portal and Optimization of the Process of Public Consultation

    MK0036, 2014, Lobbying

  21. Lobbying Law

    LV0011, 2012, Lobbying


How Legislative Footprints and Lobby Registers Can Rebuild Trust

As global distrust in democracies grows, we believe intransparent legislative structures are a big factor. When lobbyists influence laws, it can create feelings of injustice and distrust within a society. Yet, lobbying, or the articulation of and advocacy for various interests, is essential for democracies. So, what does a fair and transparent lobbying system that enhances trust for political procedures look like?

A Spotlight on Results: Two New Publications Highlight Bold Reforms in OGP

With nearly 50 OGP members developing new action plans in 2019, we want to introduce new editions of our flagship publications to kick off the new year. These new reports highlight some of the biggest and boldest commitments among the…

Building a Peaceful and Safer World through Collective Action in the Fight against Corruption

by Sanjay Pradhan, Ulla Tørnæs, Delia Ferreira, Mari Kiviniemi (Joint blog post by Government of Denmark, Transparency International, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and OGP) Over the last year, political rights and civil liberties around the world have experienced a…

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