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Asia and the Pacific

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Democracy in Afghanistan: Past, Present, and Future

In this episode, we speak with Erfan Erzaz, an Afghan open gov reformer now resettled in Canada, about Afghanistan’s history to see if it can provide insight on why democracy fell. We also discuss the contributions of open gov reformers in the country and the lessons we can all learn from Afghanistan’s democratic efforts.

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One Year On, Afghanistan’s Brave Reformers Must Not Be Forgotten

August 30, 2022 marks one year since the United States withdrew all troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban forcibly took control of the country. Read about Afghanistan’s journey in OGP and what the open government community can do to help reformers in the country.

Faces of Open Gov – Tari Photo

Faces of Open Government: Siti Juliantari Rachman

Meet Siti Juliantari “Tari” Rachman, an anti-corruption advocate in Indonesia. Tari shares how her interest in fighting corruption began and how she’s supporting Indonesia’s OGP commitment to open up contracting information and publish emergency procurement information on the national procurement portal.

Mongolia Action Plan Review 2021-2023

This product consists of an IRM review of Mongolia’s 2021–2023 action plan. The action plan is made up of nine commitments that the IRM has filtered and clustered into eight. This review emphasizes its analysis on the strength of the…


Civic Space and Open Government Reform in Asia and the Pacific

Now more than ever, it is critical that countries in the region address civic space restrictions both through the OGP framework and beyond. Here are a few actions to take.

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