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Stopping the Next Wolf of Wall Street: A Global Solution

This blog is also published on GovInsider. When the producers of Wolf of Wall Street, a movie about rampant corruption and fraud at the expense of investors, settled with the U.S Justice Department for $60m in March this year, it…

School Nigeria

Lessons from Reformers: Leveraging OGP to implement the OCDS in Nigeria

This case study was originally posted in the OGP Global Report. After joining OGP in 2016, the government of Nigeria made a commitment in its first OGP action plan (2017–2019) to adopt the OCDS in its public procurement systems. The…

Lessons from Reformers: Municipal budget and spending data for water in the Netherlands

Starting in 2015, Dutch local governments began providing financial data through a web portal at However, this data was initially only available at the aggregate level, making it difficult to access critical detailed and local information...

Honduras construction

Lessons from Reformers: The case for open contracting in infrastructure

According to the International Monetary Fund, the inefficiencies in public infrastructure—as measured by the gap between the level of public investment and the coverage/quality of the resulting infrastructure— amounts to around 30%...

Beautiful Riga old town panoramic view from above

Lessons from Reformers: Latvia

This case study was originally posted in the OGP Global Report. As part of the Soviet Union, Latvia did not have a tradition of civil society organizations. After becoming an independent country in 1991, while the economy grew and developed,…

View from Tara mountain in Serbia, Europe. Drina river in the distance.

Lessons from Reformers: Serbia

Serbia’s first OGP action plan (2014–2016) had an explicitly ambitious commitment on the transparent funding of CSOs. It aimed to make transparent the public funding that CSOs received from the government...

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, designed by Robert and James Adam, Glasgow, Scotland

Lessons from Reformers: Trust, Privacy, and Openness in UK Health Reform

The National Health Service (NHS) remains an immensely popular part of the public welfare system in the UK, but most citizens also agree that it could be more effective and efficient...

Old ruins of castle in Ohrid, Macedonia

Lessons from Reformers: Seven OGP countries addressing assembly

This case study was originally posted in the OGP Global Report. The European Center for Not-for-profit Law (ECNL), in an innovative project on freedom of assembly, assessed seven OGP countries in Central and Eastern Europe for relevant law and practices between…

Colombia – Open Contracting and School Lunches

Lessons from Reformers: Colombia uses open contracting to save school meals

Given documented cases of corruption in the provision of school meals, the government of Colombia published information on the full procurement cycle of Bogota’s school feeding program as part of its 2015–2017 OGP action plan...

Public toilet

Lessons from Reformers: La Libertad, Peru

In La Libertad, like much of Peru, local service providers often lack the technical and financial resources to ensure access to safe water. As a result, “uncertainty about water quality is constant among users.”