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Water Governance-El Salvador

Going Further Hand in Hand: Launching the OGP Water and Sanitation Community of Practice

Read how this Community of Practice seeks to tackle today's most pressing water challenges through transparency, accountability and inclusion.


Faces of Open Government: Suneeta Kaimal

You have been a member of the OGP Steering Committee for six years and have been very much involved with OGP since its very early days. How has the Partnership evolved in this time? In the early days of OGP,…


Seeking Civil Society Perspectives on Multi-Stakeholder Forums

A key focus of the Government of Canada’s and Nathaniel Hellers 2018-2019 Co-Chair Vision for the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is participation and improving co-creation between government and civil society. The importance of co-creation was highlighted during the 2019 OGP…

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Five Ways to Explore the Toolkit and Case Navigator for Open Government

Reformers inside and outside governments across the world face all sorts of different challenges. And no two challenges are the same. Yet, I am asked the same question during almost every OECD open government mission: Where can we find inspirational…

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An Open Regulation to Protect Our Democracies

How can we protect our democracies, our public spaces and our institutions in the digital era? How can we ensure that digital technologies have a positive impact on democracy? Which safeguards should we put in place to build citizen’s trust…


Youth Power in Open Government

Young people now represent 41% of the global population, and the majority of the population in the 48 least developed countries. Yet, young people are rarely brought meaningfully into policy processes that affect their lives. The Open Gov Youth Collective…


Expanding Inclusion in Open Government for First Nations, Quilombola and Indigenous Women

Since 1995, the 9th of August is commemorated as the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, to take cognizance of the specific needs of Indigenous communities and First Nations.


Can Citizen Participation Really Revive European Democracy?

In Europe, initiatives to increase citizen participation have made substantial progress, but there are severe difficulties to overcome if these participative forums are to address the core issues of democratic decline and contribute more significantly to its restoration.