Calling All Reformers: Be Part of our #5yearsOGP Video!


This September marks OGP’s fifth year anniversary. In just five short years, we’ve grown from being a start-up initiative to a partnership of 70 participating governments and over 2,500 civil society organizations. To celebrate the milestone, we are making a video and would like you to be in it!

We are looking for short statements (under 30 seconds) that answer any or all of the following questions – or to speak about other interesting elements of OGP:

  1. What is a concrete example of an OGP achievement in your country or elsewhere?

  2. What challenges are you facing and how can OGP help overcome them?

  3. What is your vision for OGP in the future?

We invite you to speak in English and/or your native tongue (feel free to send us both languages) - all we ask is that you be enthusiastic. Speaking with real energy and interest in your subject will really help get your message across.

The technology is simple:

  1. A good camera on a tripod is fantastic, but a "selfie" style video on a phone also works well. Another great option is to use your computer. On your Mac, use Photo Booth in video mode (go to Finder → Applications → search: Photobooth). (To avoid bluish light on your face from the screen, be sure to turn down your screen brightness - F1 button) to the second lowest setting (lowest setting makes the screen go black).

  2. Make sure you have good lighting on the face of the subject (yourself, or the colleague you are filming). Avoid sitting directly under an overhead light as it tends to wash out features and cast harsh shadows. Try and position yourself so that you are facing the window or light source to better illuminate your face. Avoid filming with the lens facing the light source otherwise it will cast you into shadow

  3. We want to hear your voice so make sure you are in a quiet place - no loud cars, kids or birds. (If you are using a computer there is no need for a headset as the mic is embedded.)

  4. Get close and personal… focus on the head and shoulders, not the full body.  And if you're using a phone hold it in a horizontal position.

  5. Write your name and contact information on a piece of paper and film it so that we know how to contact you.

Sending Your Video:

  1. If you are using a Mac: once you are finished with Photo Booth you will be able to see your clip on the Photo Booth window. Use your mouse to drag the clip to your desktop and then rename the clip using the following: YOUR FIRST and LAST NAME.

  2. On your phone, hit the “choose files” button and select your video to upload.

  3. Send (phone or computer) video using your favorite file sharing service (i.e. Flikr, Hightail) to OR upload directly to Rodd’s Dropbox folder, found at the following link:

Please send us your video statements by August 12th, 2016

For questions regarding content please email:

For questions regarding technology please email:

We look forward to seeing receiving your contributions!

Authors: Dietlind Lerner
Topics: OGP
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