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Come to Global Integrity’s Ideathon!

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 What are you doing the day after Halloween? We are hosting an Ideathon in our new OpenGov Hub from 6:30 to 830pm and you should join us. We at Global Integrity understand that many of you have half-baked ideas that you want to present to others for feedback, meld with others’ ideas to make them whole, or just get some advice on how they may or may not fit into the sorts of approaches that we are looking to invest in.  Our two-hour long “Ideathon” is designed to help you flesh out your ideas and submit them to be considered for funding.  We believe that innovation happens when dialogue occurs between individuals from different communities of practice. As such, we encourage you to join regardless of whether you are an expert focused on a single sector (such as health or education), an organization focused on anti-corruption, an economist, an open data guru, or just plain passionate about reform for more transparent and accountable government.  We look forward to seeing you! RSVP for the TESTING 1 2 3 Ideathon here. If you have any questions regarding event logistics, please email Christina Crawley at If you have questions regarding a specific idea or TESTING 123 in general, feel free to email Nicole Anand at

This post originally appeared on the Open Gov Hub

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