Although open data is an idea that has recently gained political relevance, its potential and implications for governance are only starting to be articulated. As our lives are empowered through new information technologies, there is an opportunity to better support governments seeking to commit to transparency through open data. Similarly, there is an opportunity to leverage the increased understanding of the role of technology in enhancing disclosure and public access to information, to build the capacity of the CSOs to connect open data best practices with transparency reforms.


The mission of the OGP Open Data Working Group is to identify and share good practices to help OGP governments implement their commitments and develop more ambitious and innovative action plans related to open data. The Open Data Working Group aims to Increase awareness of open government data issues; amplify and broaden the evidence base for open data reforms; gather and strengthen existing resources; and engage with the broader global open data community, The Working Group also aims to serve as a guiding voice on open data issues to help OGP governments implement their action plans and develop ambitious new commitments.


The Open Data Working Group is jointly coordinated by government and civil society anchors:

  • Government anchor: Stephen Walker, Treasury Board Secretariat, Government of Canada
  • Civil society anchor: José M. Alonso, Web Foundation / Global Open Data Initiative

Participation in the Open Data Working Group is open to all OGP countries and civil society organizations working on open data issues.   


The steering committee of the working group is made up of government and civil society representatives from regions around the world:




Civil Society

OGP Chair

Indonesia (tbc)


Next OGP Chair

Mexico (Ania Calderon)


North America

United States (Marion Royal)

John Wonderlich [Sunlight Foundation], USA

Latin America

Argentina (Maria Sol Tischik)

Márcio Vasconcelos [Fundación Avina], Brazil

Western Europe

United Kingdom (Antonio Acuna)

Daniel Dietrich [OKFN Germany], Germany

Eastern Europe

Moldova (Stela Mocan)




Al Kags [The Open Institute], Kenya


Philippines  (Edwin Lacierda)

Ilham Cendekia, [Sinergantara], Indonesia




Multilateral / International Barbara Ubaldi [OECD], Raúl Zambrano [UNDP], Andrew Clarke [Omidyar Network]


The Working Group conducts its activities within four work streams:

  • Principles
    Develop a common set of open data principles to support the development and implementation of stronger open data commitments by OGP members.
  • Measurement – The Impact of Open Data
    Better understand the impact of open government data.
  • Standards
    Promote the use of open data standards to improve transparency and to increase the interoperability of open data activities across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Capacity Building
    Expand the use accessible resources, tools, solutions, models, and lessons learned to support members to expand and improve government open data activities.