OGP Steering Committee

26 April 2016

The May 2016 OGP Steering Committee Meeting

The OGP Steering Committee will be meeting in Cape Town on 3-4 May. The agenda and papers for that meeting have been published here. Among other discussions there are a couple of decisions that need to be made on who the new co-chairs of OGP will be and on what OGP should do about governments being reviewed by the Steering Committee's Criteria and Standards subcommittee because they are acting contrary to OGP processes, or under the Response Policy. 

29 September 2015

Co-Presidentes da Sociedade Civil da OGP Apelam à Presidente Rousseff que Proteja a CGU

“Como Co-Presidentes da Sociedade Civil da Parceria para o Governo Aberto (Open Government Partnership – OGP), expressamos profunda preocupação com as notícias de que o futuro da Controladoria-Geral da União (CGU) está em risco. A CGU foi um dos membros fundadores da Parceria, presidiu a OGP no biênio 2011-2012 e continua desempenhando um papel de liderança como membro do Comitê Diretor da OGP. Durante o seu período de funcionamento, a CGU promoveu avanços em áreas críticas da transparência e accountability, incluindo a criação do Portal da Transparência (também considerado pelo Escritório da ONU sobre Drogas e Crime – UNODC uma das cinco práticas mundiais mais efetivas na prevenção da corrupção) e o apoio à aprovação da Lei de Acesso a Informação (LAI) e da Lei Anticorrupção (Lei da Empresa Limpa). 

29 September 2015

OGP Civil Society Co-Chairs Call on President Rousseff to Protect CGU

"As civil society co-chairs of the Open Government Partnership, we are deeply concerned about reports that the future of the Office of the Comptroller General (CGU) in Brazil is at risk. CGU was a founding member of the Partnership, serving as its Chair from to 2011-2012, and continuing to play a leadership role as a Steering Committee member. During their tenure, CGU has advanced critical gains in transparency and accountability, including creating the Transparency Portal (also considered one of the five most effective tools in preventing corruption by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime), supporting the passage of Brazil's first Freedom of Information Law and of the Law on the Liability of Legal Persons for Acts of Corruption. It is essential that the independence and cabinet role for the CGU is maintained, especially at such a critical time for the fight against corruption in Brazil and across Latin America. 

29 June 2015

2015 OGP Steering Committee Rotation Process

In 2015, the governments on the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee will rotate for the second time since OGP was launched in September 2011.  As the number of countries participating in OGP has grown – from the founding 8 to 65 today – it has become increasingly important to offer leadership opportunities to a wider group of governments.  New members of the Steering Committee will bring fresh perspective to discussions, and allow OGP to deepen engagement in new parts of the world. In 2014 eight governments were elected to join the OGP Steering Com

22 June 2015

CSO Leadership Changes in the OGP Steering Committee

OGP is growing up. At the end of the month, a dozen countries will complete new national action plans, adding to the more than 2,000 commitments already made and many delivered. Several of these countries are embarking on their second national action plan, implementing lessons learned and deepening engagement with civil society by creating mechanisms for ongoing dialogue and shared decision making. The steering committee is exploring innovations with local level government, parliaments and accountability institutions.


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