The following text was contributed by the Government of Canada. 

Canada's commitment to open government is part of the federal government's efforts to foster greater openness and accountability, to provide Canadians with more opportunities to learn about and participate in government, to drive innovation and economic opportunities for all Canadians and, at the same time, to create a more cost effective, efficient, and responsive government.

We support the principles of the Open Government Partnership, which we believe will propel innovation, economic opportunity, and deeper democratic engagement worldwide.  Canada’s membership in the OGP provides us with a real opportunity to accelerate the transformation of our public service and of our government through a fundamental openness to working with Canadians, coupled with the effective use of emerging technologies.

Canada's Action Plan on Open Government is focused on key commitments that will advance our work along three streams of activity – Open Data, Open Information, and Open Dialogue. The Action Plan has been informed by consultations with citizens from across the country, members of civil society, the private sector, key federal departments and agencies, and other levels of government.

The commitments included in our Action Plan on Open Government, will accelerate our progress on the delivery of more responsive and cost-effective services for Canadians.  We welcome the opportunity to share our experiences with partner countries and to leverage the lessons we learn from others.

Please see this Country's Letter of Intent below.

“The Government of Canada remains committed to fostering the
principles of open government by putting forward this Action Plan.
It offers Canadians greater opportunities to learn about and participate in government, in the economy, and in our democratic process.”

- The Honourable Tony Clement
President of the Treasury Board of Canada


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