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Canada Action Plan 2018-2021

Canada’s original action plan cycle (2018-2020) was shifted to 2018-2021 pursuant to the Criteria and Standards Subcommittee Resolution – COVID19 Pandemic.


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Peter Cui Reply

We are a Canadian company based on GTA, ON, we going to create an E-Commerce platform named “Data Library” to let people know Canada better through data.
The purpose is to promote Canadian product sales and attract more investment to Canada.
Data transactions will be completed on this platform.
Our data is very valuable to public libraries, schools (including universities, colleges, etc),
investors and business organizations… The potential economic benefits of valuable refined data are significant.
We hope to be able to become a partner with digital government, to complete the E-Commerce platform ‘ Data Library’ and provide refined data to markets inside & outside Canada. Can you give us some advice on how to become the partner ?

Marissa O'Neill Reply

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your comment. To learn about opportunities to get involved in Canada’s action plan design and implementation process, please connect with the government point of contacts, whose contact information is on Canada’s Member page ( On a global level, one of the main priorities of the OGP’s Steering Committee for 2019-2020 is digital governance. We’ll have more information about OGP’s strategy and plans for this work in the coming weeks, but you can find a brief summary here:

Peter Cui Reply

we like to be a partner with this plan, How can i apply it ?

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