The following text was contributed by the Government of Italy. 

Italy joined OGP in 2011 being the Open Government Declaration fully in line with the Italian public administration reform effort aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of public services and making government more transparent and open.

The Italian OGP Action Plan, presented in April 2012, was drafted by the Department for public administration in cooperation with other relevant administrations (Department for PA digitalization and technological innovation , Ministry of  education, universities and research, Ministry for territorial cohesion, the independent Commission on evaluation, transparency and integrity of public administrations - CIVIT) and with the support of the Italian Centre for studies and training - FORMEZ PA. Italy’s commitments in the OGP include initiatives in areas such as: transparency and integrity, simplification through participation, engaging citizens and open data enhancement. A public consultation on the document was launched in April 2012 on the website

Italy hosted and organized, in collaboration with the UK Cabinet Office, the OGP Third European Outreach Meeting dedicated to "transparency, participation and collaboration: public administration opens to dialogue" held in Rome on the 10th of December 2012. Moreover, in 2013 events were organized that focused on forms and methods of consultation between government and civil society organizations.

The self-assessment report on the implementation of the Action Plan is on its way and will be soon on line for public consultation.

Italy's Letter of Intent to Join OGP:

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