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Italy Mid-Term Report 2016-2018

Italy improved its stakeholder consultation process by establishing the Open Government Forum. While commitments in the third action plan address priority topics such as Freedom of Information Act, lobbying, and open data, most commitments have seen limited progress. Focusing on fewer, stronger reforms could improve the ambition and implementation of the next action plan.


Commitment Overview Well-Designed? *
3. ISTAT linked open data Open and release more data through the ISTAT portal.


✪13. Open Administration Week Establish and organize a week for all open government initiatives implemented across the country.


✪16. Rome cooperates (City of Rome) Involve citizens in city planning using open data and information systems.


30. Deployment of SPID to support innovation Implement SPID system across private entities, universities, public consultation websites, and central administrations.


* Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as specific, relevant, and has a transformative potential impact
✪ Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as being specific, relevant, potentially transformative, and substantially or fully implemented


Development of Italy’s third action plan was open and inclusive. The newly created Open Government Forum (OGF) published all proposals, meeting notes, and results online, and the government’s OGP website tracks commitment progress. OGF holds regular plenary meetings and working groups to discuss development and implementation.

Did not act contrary to OGP process

A country is considered to have acted contrary to process if one or more of the following occurs:

  • The National Action Plan was developed with neither online or offline engagements with citizens and civil society
  • The government fails to engage with the IRM researchers in charge of the country’s Year 1 and Year 2 reports
  • The IRM report establishes that there was no progress made on implementing any of the commitments in the country’s action plan


Italy’s third action plan addresses several priority areas, such as FOIA, lobbying, and open data. It also includes commitments transparency and engagement commitments for several municipalities However, implementation at the end of the first year was limited overall.

IRM Recommendations

  1. Include fewer, more ambitious commitments when developing the next action plan
  2. Strengthen the participatory process of the Open Government Forum
  3. Localize the OGP process and focus on broader avenues of engagement
  4. Improve FOIA implementation and practices
  5. National Regulations for Lobbying


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