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Countering Kleptocracy through Open Government and Democratic Oversight

Kleptocracy, "rule by thieves," distorts state institutions for elite gain, harming source and host countries. Explore a two part series by The National Democratic Institute and OGP that offer actionable strategies for OGP members and local governments to combat transnational kleptocracy, safeguarding governance, economies, and national security.


Fiscal Openness: Open Budgets

Every year, governments collect and spend billions of taxpayer funds to pay for public services like education and healthcare. The public has a right to know how that money is allocated and how it is spent.

Argentina Action Plan Review 2022-2024

El Quinto Plan de Acción Nacional de Gobierno 2022-2024 se compone de seis compromisos que abordan áreas clave de políticas públicas, como género, medio ambiente, obras públicas y salud. Se destaca la innovación en la federalización del plan, con colaboraciones…

Bosnia and Herzegovina Action Plan Review 2022–2024

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second action plan contains three promising commitments on developing an open data portal, publishing public procurement data, and enhancing the transparency of government funding for media and civil society. However, political crises adversely affected adoption of the…

Open Government Partnership