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OGP Local Brochure (2021)


Local governments are closest to their citizens, resulting in innovative and
ambitious open government reforms. Whether a state, prefecture or municipality,
local government is in charge of delivering essential public services.

That’s why OGP Local was launched in 2016, building partnerships between local
governments and civil society organizations to make governments more open,
inclusive, participatory and accountable to their citizens.

The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) analysis has found that local
commitments are, on average, significantly more likely to be ambitious and
achieve stronger early results than commitments made by national governments.
Prominent policy areas are participatory policymaking, participatory budgeting,
and infrastructure monitoring.

The OGP process provides a unique space to explore local solutions for global
challenges. For example, many OGP Local members use their action plans
to localize, advance and implement global efforts like the UN Sustainable
Development Goals.


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