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Remarks by INDONESIA’s VICE PRESIDENT at High-Level OGP Event, 19 September 2017




























Distinguished Participants,

It is a great pleasure for me to be here.

My appreciation goes to President Macron and Prime Minister Kvirikashvili for their leadership in OGP.

I also thank CSO’s co-chairs, Manish Bapna and Mukelani Dimba, for their valuable contributions.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The theme of “Open Government to Renew Democracy and Rebuild Citizens’ Trust” is very strategic. Indeed in many parts of the world we are seeing a decline of citizens’ trust in government, including in large democratic nations.

This is troublesome as trust is important in governance.

It is a foundation for sustained economic development.

It enhances public service delivery effectiveness.

It induces greater public support towards government’s programs.

At the end, it determines a country’s security and political stability.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To build public trust in government, we implement the following:

First, structural economic reforms, including through deregulation. Such steps boost investment and industry competitiveness.

Second, accelerating infrastructure projects and interconnectivity. This lowers costs of logistics and ensures better access to basic needs for population across the archipelago.

Third, ensuring social equity.  We instilled a comprehensive social safety net system that covers health, education, and social assistance. We empower SMEs as the backbone of our economy.

Fourth, strengthening bureaucratic reform. By making it more open, accountable, and professional.

As a result, citizens’ trust in the Government has significantly increased. Gallup World Poll 2016 indicates that Indonesia ranks first in public trust and confidence in the government.

The level of public confidence in the Indonesian government has reached 80 percent in 2016, an increase of 30% since 2007.


Such achievement should not make us complacent.

Thus maintaining high public trust will always be our priority.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

OGP has been useful as an international platform that promotes open government.

In light of declining public trust in government, it is imperative for OGP to devise an effective strategy to restore the confidence.

The following are required to rebuild public trust.

First, reliability and responsiveness. Government must create a sense of security to the people and respond to citizens’ needs in an effective and timely manner.

Second, integrity and equality. Government must exhibit high moral integrity and ensure all people are equal before law.

Third, openness, inclusiveness, and accountability. Government must be transparent, encourage public participation, and be accountable.

However, ensuring trust in a nation is not only the job of the government, but of all stakeholders, including citizens and media.

In current digital era where information flow moves at lightning speed, it is our responsibility to verify the accuracy of any received information and to report accurately.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us continuously strive to provide what we have promised our citizens: social and economic welfare, security, and stability.

Let us not break these promises.

Because at the end of the day, trust is earned when actions meet words.

Thank you



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