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What’s in the OGP Subnational Action Plans (2017)

The development and implementation of Action Plans is at the core of the OGP model. The 15 subnational pioneers submitted their first Action Plans in December 2016 containing over 70 commitments. Given that government and civil society co-create each action plan according to the local context, OGP is being used to implement potentially transformative reforms that can make a difference in the lives of citizens. This publication highlights some notable reforms of the 2017 Subnational Action Plans (SNAPs). It analyzes commitments in emerging thematic areas that are gaining traction within the OGP community and have the potential to respond to citizen concerns about open government, particularly at the subnational level. In the first part of the publication, the commitments are grouped into four themes:

CIVIC PARTICIPATION Mobilizing citizens to engage in a dialogue on policies, provide input and monitoring that lead to more responsive, innovative, and effective governance.

MARGINALIZED COMMUNITIES Fostering the inclusion of typically excluded populations in governing and decision-making.

SERVICE DELIVERY Policies, systems, and measures to improve the quality and efficiency of public service delivery in sectors such as: Education, Health, Water, and Security

TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION Embracing the importance of providing citizens with open access to technology, the role of new technologies in driving innovation, and the importance of increasing the capacity of citizens to use technology

The second part of the publication highlights one innovative commitment from each subnational government’s Action Plan. These commitments were chosen to shine a light on the breadth of public policy challenges that OGP is tackling and to provide inspiration for government and civil society reformers who will be co-creating future SNAPs.


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