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Independent Reporting Mechanism

Products and Process

IRM Products

The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) is a key means by which all stakeholders can track OGP progress in participating countries. The IRM produces the following for each country participating in OGP: a Co-Creation Brief; an Action Plan Review; and a Results Report.  For a detailed description of the production process and timeline, please see the IRM Process Pathway.

IRM Guidance – Co-Creation Brief (Graphic)

Independent Reporting Mechanism – Co-Creation Brief

Why is this helpful? The co-creation brief shares lessons from past action plans and international open government practice to support multistakeholder forums and/or governments to co-design high quality, ambitious and feasible action plan commitments. Who is this for? The co-creation…

IRM Guidance – Action Plan Review (Graphic)

Independent Reporting Mechanism – Action Plan Review

Why is this helpful? The action plan review is is an independent, concise, technical review of the characteristics of the action plan and the strengths and challenges the IRM identifies to inform a stronger implementation process. Action plan contents are…

IRM Guidance – Results Report (Graphic)

Independent Reporting Mechanism – Results Report

Why is this helpful? The results report supports accountability and learning. It assesses the level of completion of action plan commitments and checks compliance with OGP standards and criteria. For example, the level of meaningful engagement and collaboration with incountry…

IRM Process

IRM products follow a regular timeline with production running parallel to the OGP action plan cycle. For a detailed summary of the production process for the Co-Creation Brief, Action Plan Review, and Results Report, as well as the involved actors, please explore the IRM Process Pathway below.

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