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Technology for Transparency (GE0091)



Action Plan: Not Attached

Action Plan Cycle: 2018

Status: Active


Lead Institution: Parliament of Georgia

Support Institution(s): GGI; IDFI; GIZ; GYLA; TI; American Chamber of Commerce Citizens: Shalva Dekanozishvili; Kalenike Uridia; Rusudan Mgeladze; Natia Bagdavadze

Policy Areas

E-Government, Legislature, Lobbying

IRM Review

IRM Report: Pending IRM Review

Starred: Pending IRM Review

Early Results: Pending IRM Review

Design i

Verifiable: Pending IRM Review

Relevant to OGP Values: Pending IRM Review

Potential Impact: Pending IRM Review

Implementation i

Completion: Pending IRM Review


3. Strengthen Effectiveness and Transparency of the Parliament by Implementing Innovative Technologies
Lead Agency Parliament of Georgia

Partners Public Institution Initiator: Parliament of Georgia
Civil/International/Private Sector Initiator: GGI; IDFI; GIZ; GYLA; TI; American Chamber of Commerce
Citizens: Shalva Dekanozishvili; Kalenike Uridia; Rusudan Mgeladze; Natia Bagdavadze
Current Situation and Challenges Innovative technologies are being actively implemented in the Parliament of Georgia in order to ensure effectiveness and transparency of parliamentary activities. As of today, any stakeholder is entitled to leave his/her opinion on draft laws available on the website of the Parliament. Mobile application and Public Information Module of the Parliament of Georgia have been elaborated and they offer information in an easily editable format and any stakeholder is able to electronically request public information. However, in order to ensure even more active citizen involvement and ensure accessibility of information, it is necessary to implement modern e-governance standards and refine already existing mechanisms by using new innovative approaches.

Main Objective Refine effectiveness, openness and transparency of parliamentary activities and ensure citizen involvement by implementing modern technologies.
OGP Challenge Improving Public Services

OGP Principles Access to Information Accountability
Citizen Engagement
Technologies and Innovation

√ √ √ √
Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) the Commitment addresses
Goal 16
Milestones New/Old Commitment Start Date: End Date:
1. Elaboration and launch of a new website of the Parliament (GGI) 07/2018 03/2019
2. Development and proactive disclosure of special online forms for draft law elaboration on the website of the Parliament (Parliament of Georgia) 09/2018 05/2019
3. Regular and organized disclosure of the information on Parliamentary supervisory activities on the website of the Parliament (GGI) 03/2019 Published on a regular basis
4. Proactive disclosure of stenographic records of plenary sessions in open format on the website of the Parliament (IDFI) 03/2019 Published on a regular basis
5. Implementation of an adapted mechanism for online registration of citizens, for the purpose of ensuring attendance at committee sessions (IDFI and the Parliament of Georgia) 08/2018 03/2019
6. Implementation of an online chat mechanism (“live chat”) for gathering information (GIZ) 08/2018 03/2019
7. Elaboration and proactive disclosure of a unified form of Parliamentary Committee reports on the website of the Parliament (GYLA) 08/2018 04/2019
8. Elaboration of an electronic search engine for draft laws that are reviewed in an accelerated manner (GYLA) 08/2018 03/2019
9. Elaboration of an electronic map for majoritarian MP Bureaus (GYLA) 08/2018 03/2019
10. Prior to conducting committee hearings, proactive disclosure and reception of citizen opinions/questions on reports submitted by an accountable entity on the website of the Parliament (GYLA) 03/2019 Is published regularly
11. Proactive disclosure of information on composition, formation rules and activities of consultative councils of committees on the website of the Parliament (TI) 03/2019 Is published regularly
12. Creation and proactive disclosure of the instruction and tutorial for elaborating explanatory notes on the website of the Parliament (TI and GIZ) 10/2018 06/2019
13. Elaboration and proactive disclosure of a Common Registry of Stakeholders on the website of the Parliament for the purpose of ensuring stakeholder involvement in the initial stages of lawmaking (American Chamber of Commerce) 09/2018 05/2019
14. Elaboration and proactive disclosure of a Lobbyist Organizations Registry on the website of the Parliament (Citizen:Natia Bagdavadze) 09/2018 03/2019
15. Refining the mobile application of the Parliament (Citizens: Shalva Dekanozishvili; Kalenike Uridia; Rusudan Mgeladze) 08/2018 04/2019
Activity 1 (GGI) • New website of the Parliament is adapted to the needs of citizens, is more flexible and interactive;
• The website is adapted to the needs of blind and visually impaired persons;
• New website of the Parliament ensures citizen involvement and feedback from voters;
• The website is more informational.
Activity 2 (Parliament of Georgia) • A special electronic form that sets out standards and rules for elaborating draft laws is defined;
• Electronic form is easily accessible and understandable for any stakeholder.

Activity 3 (GGI) • A new space for regular disclosure of information on supervisory activities is created on the website of the Parliament;
• Information on supervisory activities is updated at least once each quarter.

Activity 4 (IDFI) • Amendments are made to the Order on Proactively Disclosed Information of the Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia;
• Stenographic records of plenary sessions are systematically disclosed in open format on the website of the Parliament of Georgia.

Activity 5 (Parliament of Georgia and IDFI) • An adapted mechanism for online registration of citizens is launched on the official website of the Parliament of Georgia, in order to ensure attendance at committee sessions.

Activity 6 (GIZ) • Online chat mechanism (“live chat”) is created and implemented;
• Citizens have used an online chat at least once.
Activity 7 (GYLA) • A unified form for parliamentary committee reports is elaborated and approved;
• Reports of the parliamentary committees are proactively disclosed on the website of the Parliament of Georgia.
Activity 8 (GYLA)
• Draft laws reviewed in an accelerated manner are easily searchable on the website of the Parliament.

Activity 9 (GYLA) • Bureaus of majoritarian MPs are searchable through an electronic map on the website of the Parliament.
Activity 10 (GYLA)
• Reports submitted by accountable entities are disclosed on the website of the Parliament several days prior to their committee hearings;
• There is a defined period during which citizens can submit their questions.

Activity 11 (TI) • Systematically updated information on composition, formation rules and activities of consultative groups is available on individual websites of committees and on the website of the Parliament.

Activity 12 (TI and GIZ) • Instruction on elaborating explanatory notes is created, approved by the Bureau and proactively disclosed on the website of the Parliament;
• Video tutorial on elaboration of an explanatory note is created and proactively disclosed on the website of the Parliament.

Activity 13 (American Chamber of Commerce and the Parliament of Georgia) • Common Registry of Stakeholders, where any representative of the private sector can register, is created on the website of the Parliament;
• Annual meetings with the private sector are organized in the Parliament;
• Involvement of the private sector in the parliamentary processes is institutionalized.

Activity 14 (Citizen: Natia Bagdavadze)
• The Lobbyist Organizations Registry available on the website of the Parliament is systematically updated.
Activity 15 (Citizens: Shalva Dekanozishvili; Kalenike Uridia; Rusudan Mgeladze)
• Subscription to newsletters, as well as contact MP features are added to the mobile application of the Parliament of Georgia;
• A mechanism for voting on draft laws (“online plebiscite”) is created and launched.


  1. Improved Public Services

    GE0066, 2018, Capacity Building

  2. Citizen Engagement Platform

    GE0067, 2018, Capacity Building

  3. Unified Authentication System

    GE0068, 2018, E-Government

  4. Economic Governance

    GE0069, 2018, E-Government

  5. Environment Portal

    GE0070, 2018, E-Government

  6. Strengthen Anti-Corruption Institutions

    GE0071, 2018, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  7. Monitor SDGs

    GE0072, 2018, Capacity Building

  8. Citizen Engagement Legislation

    GE0073, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  9. Publish Court Decisions

    GE0074, 2018, E-Government

  10. Increasing Transparency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

    GE0075, 2018, E-Government

  11. Citizen Participation in Public Finance

    GE0076, 2018, Audits and Controls

  12. Transparent Public Funding System

    GE0077, 2018, Fiscal Transparency

  13. Public Procurement Improvements

    GE0078, 2018, E-Government

  14. Housing Policy Planning

    GE0079, 2018, Land & Spatial Planning

  15. Openness and Accountability of State-Owned Enterprises

    GE0080, 2018, E-Government

  16. Transparency and Good Governance

    GE0081, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  17. Open Data Collection and Publication

    GE0082, 2018, E-Government

  18. Participation for Disabled Individuals

    GE0083, 2018, Infrastructure & Transport

  19. Participatory Budgeting

    GE0084, 2018, Capacity Building

  20. Your Idea for the Zugdidi Mayor

    GE0085, 2018, Capacity Building

  21. Electronic Services

    GE0086, 2018, E-Government

  22. I. Gov. Zugdidi

    GE0087, 2018, Capacity Building

  23. Service and Citizen Satisfaction Assessment

    GE0088, 2018, Capacity Building

  24. Promoting and Monitoring SDGs

    GE0089, 2018, Legislature

  25. Citizen Involvement in Budget

    GE0090, 2018, E-Government

  26. Technology for Transparency

    GE0091, 2018, E-Government

  27. Citizen Engagement Center

    GE0092, 2018, Capacity Building

  28. Raising Public Awareness About Parliamentary Democracy

    GE0093, 2018, E-Government

  29. Electronic Innovations for More Transparency and Efficiency of Public Procurement

    GE0056, 2016, Capacity Building

  30. Starred commitment Adoption of the Environmental Assessment Code

    GE0057, 2016, Capacity Building

  31. Introduction of a Mobile App as an Alternative Channel to Connect to “112”

    GE0058, 2016, E-Government

  32. Development of Local Councils for Crime Prevention

    GE0059, 2016, Justice

  33. Development of a Guidebook for Economic Agents

    GE0060, 2016, Capacity Building

  34. Development and Introduction of the Quality Control Program of Commercial Service

    GE0061, 2016, Capacity Building

  35. Presentation of Company Reports in an Electronic Form and Provision of Their Accessibility

    GE0062, 2016, Capacity Building

  36. Introduction of an Electronic Petition Portal and “Zugdidi-INFO” on the Webpage of Zugdidi Municipality Assembly

    GE0063, 2016, Capacity Building

  37. Transparency of Ozurgeti Municipality Assembly Meetings

    GE0064, 2016, Capacity Building

  38. Creation of Electronic Mechanism for Local Budget Planning in Kutaisi, Ozurgeti, Batumi and Akhaltsikhe

    GE0065, 2016, E-Government

  39. Adapting the Public Service Hall to the Needs of the People with Disabilities

    GE0042, 2016, Capacity Building

  40. Launch of the Unified Healthcare System Information Portal

    GE0043, 2016, Capacity Building

  41. Introduction of Electronic Licensing System in the Field of Natural Resources Application

    GE0044, 2016, Capacity Building

  42. Creation of Spatial (Geographic) Data Web-Portal for the Energy Sector

    GE0045, 2016, Capacity Building

  43. Creation of Innovation Ecosystem

    GE0046, 2016, Capacity Building

  44. Electronic Portal for Registering and Disposal of State Property – Customer’S Module

    GE0047, 2016, E-Government

  45. Development of the Freedom of Information Law

    GE0048, 2016, Legislation & Regulation

  46. Development of a Monitoring and Assessment System of the Government Policy and Legislative Acts

    GE0049, 2016, Capacity Building

  47. Starred commitment Introduction of the Public Officials’ Asset Declarations Monitoring System

    GE0050, 2016, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  48. Establishing Unified Regulations to Publish Court Decisions

    GE0051, 2016, Judiciary

  49. Development of Transparency and Integrity Strategy and Action Plan in the Field of Regional Development and Infrastructure

    GE0052, 2016, Capacity Building

  50. Improvement of the Database of the Convicted and Transfer of the Penitentiary Department Entirely Onto the Electronic Workflow Management

    GE0053, 2016, Capacity Building

  51. Publication of Phone Tapping Data According to the Nature of the Crime and Geographic Area

    GE0054, 2016, E-Government

  52. Starred commitment Increasing Citizen Participation in Supervision of Public Finances (Public Audit)

    GE0055, 2016, Capacity Building

  53. "Voice of the Consumer"

    GE0013, 2014, Public Participation

  54. JUSTdrive

    GE0014, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  55. Educational Services

    GE0015, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  56. Citizen's Portal (Www.Mygov.Ge)

    GE0016, 2014, Capacity Building

  57. Transformation of Public Libraries for Regional Development

    GE0017, 2014, Capacity Building

  58. Digital Signature and Online Authentication

    GE0018, 2014, E-Government

  59. Open Data Portal (Data.Gov.Ge)

    GE0019, 2014, E-Government

  60. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Draft

    GE0020, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  61. Georgia's OGP Forum

    GE0021, 2014, Public Participation

  62. I-Change.Ge

    GE0022, 2014, E-Government

  63. Transparency of Public Service Recruitment

    GE0023, 2014, E-Government

  64. Asset Declaration Monitoring System

    GE0024, 2014, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  65. Starred commitment Political Party Financial Declarations

    GE0025, 2014, E-Government

  66. Accessibility of Ministry of Interior's Webpage to People with Special Needs

    GE0026, 2014, E-Government

  67. Starred commitment Proactive Publishing of Surveillance Data

    GE0027, 2014, Civic Space

  68. Public Awareness of the Electoral Process

    GE0028, 2014, Capacity Building

  69. Transparency of Budgetary Processes

    GE0029, 2014, E-Government

  70. Electronic System of Procurement

    GE0030, 2014, E-Government

  71. Digital Human Resource Management System

    GE0031, 2014, E-Government

  72. Digital Preservation System: E-Archive

    GE0032, 2014, E-Government

  73. Openness and Accessibility of National Archives

    GE0033, 2014, E-Government

  74. Electronic Catalogues of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Archives

    GE0034, 2014, E-Government

  75. Public Finance Management System

    GE0035, 2014, E-Government

  76. Alternative Channels to "112"

    GE0036, 2014, E-Government

  77. Interactive Statistics and Crime Mapping

    GE0037, 2014, E-Government

  78. Travel Insurance Services

    GE0038, 2014, Citizenship & Immigration

  79. State Property Registration

    GE0039, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  80. Development of Community Centers in Georgia

    GE0040, 2014, E-Government

  81. Introduction of e-Governance in Local Self-Governments

    GE0041, 2014, E-Government

  82. Public Service Hall-Hub of Public Services

    GE0001, 2012, Citizenship & Immigration

  83. e-Governance in Local Governments

    GE0002, 2012, E-Government

  84. Citizens’ Portal

    GE0003, 2012, E-Government

  85. Easily Accessible and Better Healthcare

    GE0004, 2012, E-Government

  86. Launch Ichange.Ge and Data.Gov.Ge

    GE0005, 2012, E-Government

  87. Platform for Participating in the Legislative Process

    GE0006, 2012, E-Government

  88. Citizens and Justice

    GE0007, 2012, Judiciary

  89. Starred commitment Transparent Party Financing

    GE0008, 2012, Money in Politics

  90. Home-Grown Concept of E-Procurement

    GE0009, 2012, E-Government

  91. e-Declarations

    GE0010, 2012, Asset Disclosure

  92. Technology Cares for Safety: ICCMS, Crime Mapping, and Safety in Your Neighbourhood

    GE0011, 2012, E-Government

  93. NGO Forum

    GE0012, 2012, Capacity Building

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