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Access to Administrative and Environmental Information (PT0007)



Action Plan: Portugal Action Plan 2018-2020

Action Plan Cycle: 2018

Status: Active


Lead Institution: National Network for Open Administration

Support Institution(s): NA

Policy Areas

E-Government, Environment and Climate, Open Data, Public Service Delivery, Records Management, Right to Information

IRM Review

IRM Report: Pending IRM Review

Starred: Pending IRM Review

Early Results: Pending IRM Review

Design i

Verifiable: Pending IRM Review

Relevant to OGP Values: Not Relevant

Potential Impact: Pending IRM Review

Implementation i

Completion: Pending IRM Review


Commitment Start and End Date: January 2019 – December 2020
Lead implementing agency/actor National Network for Open Administration
Commitment description
What is the public problem that the commitment will address? Access and re-use of administrative data is a challenge and opportunity for all social, economic and political actors. In Portugal, Law 26/2016, of August 22, regulates access to administrative information. The bases of a structured and properly regulated offer are therefore established. Its operationalization is the central problem. The entities that produce administrative and environmental information do not yet implement the necessary measures to strengthen the supply of this information. An important volume of social, economic, environmental and civic relevant information is subtracted from the public domain.
What is the commitment? The program for the implementation and monitoring of the regime for access to administrative information intends to contribute to the application of legislation already in force and also to disseminate good practices of the public sector in this area.
How will the commitment contribute to solve the public problem? The commitment promotes the strengthening of the regime of access to administrative and environmental information and will increase the volume of data supply.
Regarding the expected results, and in the absence of previous diagnostic studies or benchmarks, it is expected that the regime of access to administrative and environmental information will undergo a measurable reinforcement.
Why is this commitment relevant to OGP values? The commitment primarily fits in the Transparency axe, as it seeks to increase the volume and quality of the administrative and environmental information available and to solve the problem of lack of access to information on the supply side. In addition, it promotes proactive transparency through the strengthening of the regime of access to information already regulated.
Additional information
Milestone Activity with a verifiable deliverable Start Date: End Date:
Appointment and identification of employee
responsible for access to administrative and environmental information on the institutional website of all eligible public entities or, alternatively, publication of an aggregated list, in machine-readable form and updated quarterly on the web portal.
January 2019 January 2020
Publication, in the portal, of a preliminary list with the typologies of information and data produced and managed by each eligible public entity. January 2019 January 2020
Provision of legally available metadata associated to all documents made public (issuer, date of application, date of availability and identification of the person responsible for the good continuation of the request for access). January 2019 January 2020
Provision of information on policies and practices of access to information, including the identification of public entities and agents with good practices in the domain of access to information and the average time to make available the requested information.
This information should be made available in an accessible and plain language, for example through infographics or interactive displays. January 2019 January 2020
Contact information
Name of responsible person from implementing agency CADA - Rui Ribeiro
AMA – Claúdia Barroso and Tiago Mendonça
Title, Department CADA – Secretary
AMA – Head of the International Relations Unit / Senior International Relations Officer
Email and Phone CADA – | 21 391 35 70
AMA – | 21 721 55 45