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El Salvador Exits International Partnership on Open Government

El Salvador sale de la alianza internacional sobre gobierno abierto

The Country Remained Inactive for More than a Year, Loses Member Status.

Washington, D.C. – El Salvador has been withdrawn from the Open Government Partnership (OGP) – a global partnership of 75 countries and 106 local governments working with thousands of civil society organizations to build more open, inclusive, and accountable governments.

The country was placed in inactive status by the OGP Steering Committee last year after failing to deliver an open government action plan in 2021 and again in 2022, failing to show progress in the commitments of their previous action plan, and failing to meet eligibility requirements for OGP members for three consecutive years since 2020. 

The Government of El Salvador was given one year until March 25th, 2023 to deliver a new action plan to comply with OGP’s minimum Co-Creation and Participation Standards. However, no new action plan was delivered, prompting the country’s exit from the Partnership.

The Chief Executive Officer of OGP, Sanjay Pradhan, expressed his disappointment over the announcement and encouraged reformers in government and, particularly, in civil society to continue engaging with OGP through events and peer exchange opportunities. “Open government reformers in the country, working to open public institutions at all levels and throughout all branches of government, will always be part of the open government community and we look forward to working with them in the future,” said Pradhan.

Anabel Cruz, Civil Society Co-Chair of the OGP Steering Committee originally from Uruguay, said that “having El Salvador’s membership rescinded is a symptom of deteriorating democratic conditions in the country, from the erosion of checks and balances to limitations of basic civil liberties. I call on the Salvadoran Government to guarantee and expand liberties to allow journalists, activists, and the political opposition to work to open up the government,” said Cruz.

El Salvador developed five action plans since joining OGP in 2011. The government and civil society organizations used OGP to engage and co-create nearly 100 reforms in a variety of areas, such as access to information, public service complaint systems, and transparency in public recruitment.

A letter indicating the decision to withdraw the country from OGP has been sent to the Government of El Salvador. 

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Edith Giron Reply

Como mujeres queremos ser parte de estas estrategias para cambipsxen nuestros municipios y comunidades .

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