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Allison Merchant

Senior Gender Advisor

Allison Merchant is the Senior Gender Advisor for the Open Government Partnership where she manages the gender thematic work and the Feminist Open Government Initiative. As a partnership of OGP, Results for Development, and the International Development Research Centre, the Feminist Open Government Initiative uses research and action to encourage governments to create commitments that advance gender equality and better governance through increased transparency, participation, accountability, and government responsiveness. Through prior roles at Inclusive Security and the National Democratic Institute, Allison designed and implemented wide-ranging programs to promote women’s participation in legislatures, political parties, peace and reconciliation processes, and civil society advocacy.

Allison received her Master‘s in Public Policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, with a concentration in Democracy, Politics and Institutions, and holds Bachelor’s degrees in Women’s Studies and Communication from Denison University.

Authored Content

A New Tool for Feminist Foreign Policy

A small but growing number of countries have committed to championing feminist approaches to foreign policy. Sweden, France and Canada, to different degrees, have all pledged in recent years to make gender equality a goal of their international assistance and diplomatic…

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How – Together – We Can Break the Roles

There are women who were the first….. Women who demanded justice… Women who defied silence…. And upended expectations... But this isn’t a story about some of us. This is a story about how we all move past the stereotypes that…

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