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Andreas Pavlou

Andreas Pavlou

Senior Research Officer, Europe

Andreas joined the Open Government Partnership in April 2020, where he leads support of IRM work in OGP countries across Europe.Based in London, he worked at the UK’s leading public participation charity, Involve, and previously for specialist-transparency organisation Access Info Europe, based in Spain. His expertise lie in transparency and access to information related policy in the EU and across Europe, as well as in citizen engagement and participation.He holds a Masters degree in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Bath (as part of the European American University Consortium) and a Bachelors degree in European Studies and Modern Languages from the University of Birmingham.

Authored Content


Five key reflections from the latest IRM Results Reports

The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) recently published 23 Results Reports for 2019-2022 and 2020-2022 OGP action plans. These assessed 265 commitments from Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, the Americas, and Europe. 149 commitments led to early…


Three Factors to Effectively Implement Ambitious Open Procurement Reforms

Every year, governments across the world spend over USD $13 trillion (around 12% of global gross domestic product) through public procurement. Yet, various studies show that 10 to 25% of the value of a government contract can be lost to…

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