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Jennryn Wetzler

Assistant Director of Open Education at Creative Commons

Jennryn Wetzler is the Assistant Director of Open Education at Creative Commons, and an ardent OGP enthusiast. At Creative Commons, she manages projects to increase access to education, as well as the CC Certificate program– a training in open licensing, copyright, and the ethos of our global, shared commons. Prior to CC, Jennryn worked on open policy and open educational resources (OER) at the U.S. Department of State, helping add and implement the first two open education commitments to US national action plans. She gained a broader perspective of education through international development work in Thailand and as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger. She currently lives in Maryland (US) with her husband Nick and son Ezra.

Authored Content

high school boy and girl at computer

How Open Educational Resources can Help OGP Initiatives

Currently we face both a swell of support for open educational resources (OER) and devastating upheaval of our traditional education systems...

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