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Portrait of Silvana Fumega

Silvana Fumega

Silvana Fumega is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has just been awarded- after the PhD thesis’ submission- a Fellowship from the Institute for the Study of Social Change, (UTAS, Australia). For the past 4 years she has been researching on the intersections of Open Government Data and Freedom of Information policies.


Authored Content

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Closed Democracies in Latin America? Openness at a Crossroads

Democracy is facing challenging times globally and especially in Latin America. In this region, only three countries are considered full democracies and democracy is backsliding overall.

The fight against corruption in Latin America requires greater ambition

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) Regional Meeting comes at a tense political moment in the region. A variety of “scandals” – mostly linked to a lack of public ethics, accountability and/or to corruption – have occupied the news in recent…

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