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Three Strategies for Community Justice

Explore three ways advocates in Tijuana, Mexico, are engaging the community and using open justice and artistic approaches to allow citizens to more fully exercise their rights and improve relations between migrants and authorities.

Open Government in action: OAS and Germany support new initiatives in Latin America

The OAS Fellowship on Open Government in the Americas is a regional leadership initiative for the next generation of Open Government activists from public administration, civil society, and the private sector. Between 2015 and 2017, it has built a network of sixty-nine…

Datos abiertos sobre feminicidios en Brasil

  El feminicidio es reconocido a nivel global como una de las manifestaciones más severas de la violencia en contra de las mujeres y Brasil es uno de los países con mayor prevalencia de este crimen. Según “Mapa da Violência”,…

Open Data about femicide in Brazil

  Femicide is recognized globally as one of the harshests manifestations of violence against women - and Brazil is one of the countries with the highest prevalence of that crime. According to ‘Mapa da Violência’, a study published by FLACSO…

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