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The Future is Open – IOD 2018: Aligning open government and open data

Rudi Borrmann|

Less than a year after the Open Government Partnership 2017 Americas Regional Meeting of Buenos Aires, once again, we hosted a large-scale event to discuss global openness policies.

By the slogan “The Future is Open”, on September 27-28 we hosted the fifth International Open Data Conference (IODC), gathering over 1500 participants from 85 countries to share lessons learned and challenges in the implementation of open data initiatives. The two day-agenda was created collaboratively through an open call. We hosted 70 sessions with over 200 speakers.

A clear takeaway from the Conference is that open data discussions are not far from the debates that OGP is having. Over the course of the two days, we discussed issues such as access to public information, data and justice, data journalism, international openness commitments, gender gaps and open procurement. This shows us how critical it is to align the open data and open government agendas and communities, key objective of our agenda as vice-presidents of the Partnership.

“We are sure that OGP is the vehicle to foster substantive evidence-based reforms that will translate into better public services for the citizens. Thus, we are no longer discussing the reasons for openness, but its essence. Data are a vehicle for the design of citizen-centered policies, inclusion, transparency and anticorruption.” (Andres Ibarra, Ministry for Modernization and Chief Deputy of the Minister Cabinet)

Our country has made significant progress, including enacting the Act of Access to Public Information in 2017, digitizing the public administration, and creating procurement portals and 23 national open data portals. These strengthen our commitment to continue to work on solid citizen-centered policies.

“Open data policies and transparency are key to all solid policies that support democracies”, said the Chief of Cabinet Marcos Peña at the event opening.

IODC was much more than a Conference. It was a space to re-think a road map to integrate open data with a clear purpose – and in a cross-cutting manner – into the global agenda. We believe this will only be successful if we continue to broaden the data community and integrating open government reformers.

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