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Thirteen new national action plans are available on the OGP website

Alonso Cerdan|

During the last six months, most of the countries that joined the Open Government Partnership in April 2012 and in 2014 have been working hard to develop ambitious commitments to foster access to information, civic participation and accountability. To draft new National Action Plans, they have reviewed evaluation results, coordinated within government and conducted consultation processes with civil society organizations and citizens. OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism, Civil Society Coordination and Support Unit have remained in close contact with several national actors in order to strengthen the drafting process.

Therefore, I am glad to announce that the first group of new National Action Plans are available in the OGP website. The following thirteen countries have uploaded their plans: Albania, Estonia, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Spain and Sweden. We expect several more in the following weeks as other member countries finish the final details of their drafting processes.

We eagerly invite the broader Open Government community to start perusing these National Action Plans and the commitments they contain. This group of action plans will also include descriptions of the development process, which can be quite helpful for exchanging best practices. As part of the launch, a group of country representatives will develop blogposts to give more information about the drafting process, the key commitments of the plan, and the main challenges faced during these months.

The National Action Plans are available in each of the countries pages in the OGP website:

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