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Stories from the Field: Multi-Donor Trust Fund

To support the vision of inclusiveness, beginning in 2018 a Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) managed by the World Bank has been providing funding to civil society organizations working to bring new voices into the co-creation process. Realizing this vision is central to making governance more participatory and responsive, ultimately reflecting the needs of citizens in improving public service delivery and their daily lives. 

This is a series of firsthand stories shared by members of civil society organizations working at the forefront of the open government movement. In these stories, open government actors explain challenges and successes they have experienced in trying to make the process of developing OGP action plans more collaborative and inclusive.

Bojonegoro 2

Optimism in the Face of Transition – Bojonegoro

It was 2018, and Bojonegoro (a regency in East Java, Indonesia) was facing a Regional General Election for a new Regent. Those who had been involved in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) locally knew that a transition in leadership would…

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