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Stories from the Field: Multi-Donor Trust Fund

To support the vision of inclusiveness, beginning in 2018 a Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) managed by the World Bank has been providing funding to civil society organizations working to bring new voices into the co-creation process. Realizing this vision is central to making governance more participatory and responsive, ultimately reflecting the needs of citizens in improving public service delivery and their daily lives. 

This is a series of firsthand stories shared by members of civil society organizations working at the forefront of the open government movement. In these stories, open government actors explain challenges and successes they have experienced in trying to make the process of developing OGP action plans more collaborative and inclusive.


OGP Goes Local with a Push from CSOs – Serbia

My first recollection of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in Serbia is of a meeting held in late 2013 on the premises of what was then called the Ministry of State Administration (now the Ministry of Public Administration and Local…


When Art Makes the Invisible Visible – Paraguay

In November 2017, it was time to initiate the process of co-creating Paraguay’s fourth Open Government Action Plan (PAGA). The previous action plans had come together through collaboration between government agencies and a variety of NGOs, including our organization, Fundación…

OGP Academic 6

Building a Democratic Process in Our University – Tunisia

Academia could be considered the link between society and policy makers, as scholars diagnose, analyze, and make recommendations for public policy. The academic world offers space to discover the truth underlying sociological and political forces and ideological dogma. More than…

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