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September 26-29, 2022

Open Americas

This week, the open gov community in the Americas will come together in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to exchange ideas, create alliances and seek solutions to build a more open, more participatory and more inclusive region in a post-pandemic world.

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OpenStories for OGP site


Everyone has a story. Together we have a mission. Explore stories from across the open government community, and submit your own.


The Skeptic’s Guide to Open Government – 2022 Edition

Evidence continues to show that open government affects people’s lives. But there are still skeptics who are not aware of all the benefits associated with this approach. Use this guide to convince them to take an open government approach when implementing reforms.

Afghanistan Flag

One Year On, Afghanistan’s Brave Reformers Must Not Be Forgotten

August 30, 2022 marks one year since the United States withdrew all troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban forcibly took control of the country. Read about Afghanistan’s journey in OGP and what the open government community can do to help reformers in the country.


Renewing Democracy - A Decade of OGP

OGP Process

In OGP, governments work with civil society to create action plans with concrete reforms. This model helps ensure citizens play a role in shaping and overseeing government.

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Policy Areas

OGP members address issues, such as justice, gender, health, education, digital governance, the right to information, civic space, natural resources, corruption and more.



Seventy-eight countries and a growing number of local governments—representing more than two billion people—and thousands of civil society organizations are members of OGP.

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