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Letters and Responses

On this page, the OGP Support Unit regularly posts documents that have been addressed or circulated to Steering Committee members, if applicable, responses from the Steering Committee or the OGP Support Unit. 

All letters sent to the OGP Steering Committee should be addressed to the four OGP co-chairs:

Santiago Cafiero
Chief of Cabinet
Government of Argentina

Young Chin
Minister of the Interior and Safety
Government of South Korea

Robin Hodess
Director, Governance and Transparency
The B Team

María Baron
Global Executive Director
Directorio Legislativo

If you have further questions please direct them to the Support Unit at

Date Sender Subject Response (if applicable)
March 10, 2020 OGP Civil Society Leaders Statement of Significant Concern on Guatemala Decree No. 4-2020 n/a
February 21, 2020 Acción Ciudadana; Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios Fiscales;Red Ciudadana Letter from Guatemala CSOs to the OGP Steering Committee regarding Decree No. 4-2020 n/a
December 2019 Government of Trinidad & Tobago Letter informing the Government of Trinidad and Tobago of its withdrawal from OGP n/a
October 2019 Government of the Republic of Korea South Korea Candidacy Note for Co-Chair Role n/a
June 28, 2018 Government of Montenegro Letter of commitment to developing an OGP action plan June 28, 2018: Criteria and Standards response
December 18, 2017 Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina Update on the government actions towards full OGP participation 
September 21, 2017 OGP Support Unit Letter informing the Government of Turkey of its withdrawal from OGP 
August 17, 2017 Government of Tanzania Letter informing the Support Unit on the decision to withdraw from OGP September 22, 2017: OGP Support Unit Letter of Support to Kigoma Uijiji Municipality
September 12, 2017 – OGP Co-chair response
May 23, 2017 Mexico – Civil Society Statement on government surveillance of civil society actors and withdrawal from the national OGP platform   June 14, 2017: Steering Committee response on withdrawal of Mexican civil society from national OGP platform
September 19, 2017: Update from Mexican civil society
April 29, 2016 Multiple civil society organizations Open letter from 64 CSOs on how to strengthen OGP July 29, 2016: Steering Committee response letter to CSO letter of April 29, with corresponding concept note
March 28, 2016 OGP Steering Committee OGP civil society co-chairs statement condemning recent murders in Honduras and urge government to protect civic space
January 2016 Co-Chairs of the OGP Steering Committee Letter regarding the participation of Taiwan in OGP
November 1, 2015 OGP Steering Committee Co-chair statement clarifying the presence of the Transparency and Accountability Initiative on the the Steering Committee
October 9, 2015 Access Info Europe Letter from Spanish CSOs on the OGP Process in Spain (Amended letter. Original sent on October 5, 2015) 
September 29, 2015 OGP Steering Committee OGP Civil Society Co-Chairs Call on President Rousseff to Protect Brazil CGU
August 20, 2015 Peru – Civil Society Letter from Peruvian CSOs on the OGP Process in Peru
February 21, 2015 OGP Steering Committee OGP Civil Society Co-chairs Statement on the General Transparency Law in Mexico
November 11, 2014 OGP Steering Committee OGP Steering Committee Statement on Montenegro IRM Researcher
July 11, 2014 Brazil – Civil Society Open Letter from Coalition of Brazilian CSOs on the OGP Process in Brazil July 21, 2014 – Government of Brazil’s Response to Open Letter from Brazilian CSOs
December 17, 2013 Multiple civil society organizations Statement of Concern on Disproportionate Surveillance signed by 110+ civil society groups.
April 24, 2013 OGP Support Unit 2013 OGP Eligibility Scores for all countries
February 21, 2013 OGP Steering Committee Statement from the OGP Steering Committee clarifying  the OGP’s role in assessing country performance 
February 11, 2013 Centre for Law and Democracy and Institute of Freedom of Information Open letter from the Centre for Law and Democracy and the Institute for Freedom of Information on FOI bill in the Philippines  February 13, 2013: Government of the Philippines  response 
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