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A Community of Practice on Water and Open Government

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Tackling today’s water challenges, from expanding service delivery to cleaning up the world’s waterways, will require more than improving infrastructure and stepping up investments. Governments and civil society must also address daunting political challenges such as fragmented resource management, corruption, and inadequate, unequal access to clean water that communities rely on for their lives and livelihoods. Adopting open government reforms can help governments strengthen their institutional capacity, facilitate coordination between stakeholders, and resolve information asymmetries to promote fairer, more reliable and more efficient water and sanitation service delivery.

In 2017, Fundación Avina, the Open Government Partnership, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Water Integrity Network (WIN), and the World Resources Institute (WRI) formed a Community of Practice (CoP) on Water and Open Government.


Learn about the Community of Practice’s initiative to create a Water and Open Government Declaration, and take the survey:


Webinars Series


Recent Materials

  • Innovations in Water Management in the City of São Paulo: the Leading Role of Civil Society (English, Portuguese)
  • Making Information on the Use of Water Resources in Chile Open and Transparent (English, Spanish)
  • Water-Related Commitments in Mexico’s Open Government Plan (English, Spanish)


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