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Action plan – Ternopil, Ukraine, 2021 – 2023



Action Plan: Action plan – Ternopil, Ukraine, 2021 – 2023

Action Plan Submission: 2021
Action Plan End: December 2023

Lead Institution: Ternopil City Council, Initiative on Infrastructure Transparency in Ukraine (CoST), NGO, Educationally-analytical Center of Community Development, NGO, Association of Ukrainian Cities



December 2023

Date Submitted

7th December 2021


The Open Government Partnership Action Plan (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan) provides for the implementation of obligations under the international initiative, increasing the level of transparency, openness and accountability of the city council and its executive bodies, subordinate enterprises, institutions and organizations and will strengthen cooperation with civil society institutions. Ternopil City Council in its activities implements the principles of open government in the areas of public information access, introduction of new electronic services and regular services, development of open data portal, improving the Quality Management System in providing services, involvement and cooperation with civil society institutions, etc.

Regarding the development and cooperation with civil society institutions, the Ternopil City Council implements competition of programs developed by civil society institutions, with allocated appropriate funding, involves the public in decision-making process in the structure of advisory and consultative bodies, youth participation in the Youth City Council. Therefore, the Action Plan was developed in cooperation with civil society institutions, has been publicly discussed and will be implemented in partnership with public and international organizations. Also the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Open Government Partnership Initiative in the Ternopil City Territorial Community in 2021-2023 includes commitments that will strengthen public participation in decision-making, strengthen trust and interaction between the public and local authorities and create a further platform for development of open government.

Open Government Challenges, Opportunities and Strategic Vision

This subsection details the Open Government Strategic Vision in your local area that should guide the commitments for the action plan period.

What is the long-term vision for open government in your context and jurisdiction?

Improving the openness of government in the community, ensuring transparency at all levels of the municipality.

What are the achievements in open government to date (for example, recent open government reforms)?

Ternopil City Council uses certain e-government tools in its activities and constantly develops new municipal services, among them working successfully:

  • official site of Ternopil City Council, hotline “15-80” and other introduced;
  • modern system of electronic document management in the city council;
  • electronic service “Ternopil Resident’s Office”, that helps one to  order municipal services online;
  • Ternopil Open Data Portal, city bot;
  • register of Ternopil City Territorial Community;
  • automated pay system in public transport (electronic ticket);
  • municipal video surveillance system, covering more than 600 cameras; – tools of e-democracy (petitions, e-consultations and polls, public budget, school public budget, etc.).

The successes of the city in the field of digital transformation, e-government and technology implementation were marked by appropriate awards, in particular: Open Data City Award (2019); the award of the Ministry of Digital Transformation – Active Community –  for high results in the field of digitalization; in 2019, the city won 3rd place among the 100 largest cities in Ukraine in the  Transparency Rating,  and in 2020 – 5th place in the project Transparent Cities; Ternopil took first place with a rate of 75.3% in the ranking of the Index of Local e-Democracy for 2020; Kyiv Smart City International Forum  in 2018 Ternopil received the award Best Transport Model of the City, in 2019 – Open Innovative City, and in 2020 – Best Energy Efficient City.

What are the current challenges/areas for improvement in open government that the jurisdiction wishes to tackle?

Improve the quality of municipal services, speed up the process of providing services using the latest technologies, develop a single information system for city management (resources management) to improve the level of e-governance.

Increase transparency and accountability in infrastructure, involve the public in monitoring infrastructure projects realization and ensure effective government and the public cooperation.

Improving the development of digital competencies should be aimed not only at the effective use of digital technologies and e-services by community members, the development of the workforce and opportunities for development of each resident, but also at the creation of new digital technology solutions and new e-services in the community.

What are the medium-term open government goals that the government wants to achieve?

Implementation of the obligations set out in the Action Plan.

How does this action plan contribute to achieve the Open Government Strategic Vision?

This Plan forms the foundation for achieving the strategic goal – openness and transparency in the work of the municipality.

How does the open government strategic vision contribute to the accomplishment of the current administration’s overall policy goals?

These things are interrelated with the achievement of the overall goals of the municipality, as the Program aims to improve transparency, accountability and openness in all areas of life of the community.

Engagement and Coordination in the Open Government Strategic Vision and OGP Action Plan

Please list the lead institutions responsible for the implementation of this OGP action plan.

  • Ternopil City Council
  • Initiative on Infrastructure Transparency in Ukraine (CoST), NGO
  • Educationally-analytical Center of Community Development, NGO
  • Association of Ukrainian Cities

What kind of institutional arrangements are in place to coordinate between government agencies and departments to implement the OGP action plan?

Memoranda of cooperation

What kind of spaces have you used or created to enable the collaboration between government and civil society in the co-creation and implementation of this action plan? Mention both offline and online spaces.

Due to quarantine restrictions, online platforms, including e-consultations were used.

What measures did you take to ensure diversity of representation (including vulnerable or marginalized populations) in these spaces?

Public invitations to participate in discussions, use of electronic platforms for communication.

Who participated in these spaces?

Public organizations that wanted to join the development of the Action Plan in the field of housing, openness and transparency, cooperation with young people.

How many groups participated in these spaces?


How many public-facing meetings were held in the co-creation process?


How will government and non-governmental stakeholders continue to collaborate through the implementation of the action plan?

  • Ternopil City Council
  • Educationally-analytical Center of Community Development, NGO
  • Association of Ukrainian Cities
  • Initiative on Infrastructure Transparency in Ukraine (CoST), NGO

Please describe what is the independent Monitoring Body you have identified for this plan.

Educationally-analytical Center of Community Development, NGO

Provide the contact details for the independent monitoring body.

What types of activities will you have in place to discuss progress on commitments with stakeholders?

Meetings, discussions, performance indicators

How will you regularly check in on progress with implementing agencies?

Once every six months

How will you share the results of your monitoring efforts with the public?

We will publish results on the official communication platforms of the city council, if possible in the absence of bans through the COVID-19 – a public report will be conducted offline

Endorsement from Non-Governmental Stakeholders

  • Cherkasyn Maksym, head of NGO

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Good work! Worthy of emulation by other foreign governments

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