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Building open data capacity through e-skills acquisition

Despite the reported importance of e-skills for successful open goverment data (OGD) initiatives, there are no studies found reporting on this topic. Hence, using the case study methodology, this study has explored e-skills needed for efficient and effective provision of OGD by government officials and beneficial use of OGD by citizens in South Africa and Namibia. It is established that government officials should possess a wide array of e-skills ranging from e-User Skills and Data Literacy to e-Practitioners Skills. On the other hand, in order to independently benefit from OGD usage, citizens should at least possess Data Literacy skills. A problem arises since the majority citizens in the studied countries do not possess requisite e-skills. Hence, the role of governments and OGD intermediaries becomes very important either in skilling citizens or help them to benefit from OGD. This study also suggests to policy-makers to focus their attention on the strategic, operational, technological and societal implications regarding OGD e-skilling. Being a first of this type, this study is by no means exhaustive, hence future exploration in this field is suggested.

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