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Collaboration – A crucial element for developing and implementing open government initiatives. Analyzing the co-creation of Costa Rica’s National Open Data Policy (PNADP)

by Jorge Umaña Cubillo

Costa Rica’s administration from 2014 to 2018 included open government as one of three pillars of the National Development Plan: “Open government at the forefront of the fight against corruption”. The Government co-created the National Open Government Strategy and the second Open Government Partnership action plan. One of the plan’s commitments was the co-creation of the National Open Data Policy, which aimed to establish strategic, legal and technical guidelines to secure effective openness of public information in Costa Rica. The process also sought to engage stakeholders in open data efforts and broaden the landscape. This paper seeks to show how the collaboration process allowed for the co-creation, co-implementation and coassessment of the National Open Data Policy. As a result, levels of trust among the public administration, civil society, the private sector, academia and media increased, strengthening the legitimacy of the Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Citizen Dialogue as a driver of the open government agenda. Finally, the paper provides insights about the enabling conditions that contributed to building trust and legitimacy in this particular process, as well as the challenges that the open government landscape faces when implementing innovative co-creation, coimplementation and co-assessment processes.


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