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Liberia Implementation Report 2017-2019 – For Public Comment

In 2020, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the implementation report for Liberia’s third action plan. The report covers the action plan implementation process.

In Liberia, the IRM researcher Diasmer Panna Bloe’s findings are summarized below:

Liberia’s 2017–2019 action plan was implemented within a challenging context of political transition and economic turmoil. The majority of commitments did not result in open government reforms. However, Liberia made notable progress in citizens’ access to information and dispute resolution regarding land rights. Moving forward, Liberia’s multistakeholder forum should strategically focus where political, financial, and technical resources exist to advance Liberia’s open government agenda.

The report is available in English. The public comment period closed 19 December 2020.


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G Ralph Jimmeh, Jr Reply

Please make the following corrections. The Name is Anderson Miamen and not Andrew Miamen. Additionally the name is G. Ralph Jimmeh, Jr and not Ralph Jimmeh only. However on the overall I think the report is a reflection of the performance of the Liberia’s NAP. Thanks

G Ralph Jimmeh, Jr Reply

Please, additionally, note that Andrew Nimely does not work for the Ministry for Justice instead he works as the Special Assistance in the office of the Chief Justice of Liberia at the Supreme Court of Liberia. Such correction will be great.

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