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Parliamentary Engagement in National OGP Processes: Menu of Options (2022)

Participación Parlamentaria en los Procesos Nacionales de OGP: Menú de Opciones (2022)

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This document complements the Memorandum on Parliamentary Engagement, adopted by the OGP Steering Committee in November 2021. It captures the approaches taken by a growing number of OGP members, illustrating how parliaments can participate in OGP and help advance the co-creation and implementation of open government reforms. In doing so, it aims to provide OGP stakeholders – executive officials, members and staff of parliament, civil society, and others – with a menu of options for parliamentary engagement.


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Mamo Jatta Reply

This is a very useful document for countries like the Gambia to learn from. We at (OSPG) Open Society Platform The Gambia are engaging our National Assembly with various challenges in a bid for the country to become a member of OGP

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