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Point of Contact Manual (2017)

Revised: OGP Handbook – Rules and Guidance for Participants (2019) »

In the four years since the launch of the Open Government Partnership, reformers around the world have been using their OGP participation to make change happen. Over 2500 individual open government reforms have now been pledged via OGP, and many of them are already having a significant impact on the lives of citizens. We are beginning to see a change in the culture of government, which would not be possible without the civil servants within bureaucracies who are fighting every day for greater transparency, accountability and public participation.

The OGP Support Unit exists to support reformers in government and civil society, and when necessary to hold them to account for promises made. This new manual of guidance notes is designed to help officials with the main aspects of OGP participation: designing an ambitious National Action Plan; working with civil society; and securing outside support when needed. We welcome your feedback on this manual. More than anyone, it is the OGP points of contact who are on the frontline of making OGP work at the national level. As we collectively seek to raise our level of ambition and confront the biggest problems currently facing society, coordination across international borders will be essential. We want to encourage the sharing of best practice and learning between all countries, regardless of income, location or political affiliation.

Citizens are rightly demanding more from their governments than ever before. It is our job in OGP to help governments live up to that demand.



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