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Eastern Partnership: Civil Society Engagement and Innovation Grants

This call for proposals has now closed.

These grants are supported by the European Union through the EU for Integrity Programme for the Eastern Partnership. These grants aim to support government and civil society in the Eastern Partnership strengthen the co-creation and implementation of nationally or locally-led commitments with potentially high impact in opening up government and improving the lives of citizens. This will be achieved by complementing the existing support available to these countries with enhanced technical assistance from partners, regular peer exchange and knowledge sharing activities, small grants for coalition building, implementation support, and digital innovations in open government. 

These grants will be managed by the OGP Support Unit. Contracts were signed between the OGP Support Unit and the grantees. The grantees are required to collaborate with the OGP Government Point of Contact (POC), civil society groups engaged in the OGP process, and/or the multi-stakeholder forum (MSF) during the implementation of activities related to these grants.

Grant Awardees

Transparency and accountability of social infrastructure development in Ukraine
The Infrastructure Transparency Initiative (CoST Ukraine) will create an online platform, Ukrainian Social Infrastructure, to support and strengthen proactive citizens in the monitoring of transparency and accountability of state and local authorities in the construction of social infrastructure projects.

Analytics on awarding and completion of public contracts for more efficient public governance and oversight (Ukraine)
Transparency International Ukraine will develop a business intelligence application for conducting a comprehensive analysis of awarding and completion of public procurement contracts allowing activists, public procurement experts and regulatory and controlling bodies to identify problems in the public procurement contracts in Prozorro.

Development and launch of impact assessment e-monitoring platform (Armenia)
Digital Armenia will provide E-tools for civil society to make an impact assessment of the implementation of strategic documents and will conduct public awareness campaigns on citizens’ right of monitoring and assessment of these documents’ implementation.

What do they know in Georgia? Replicating FOI request tool for better engagement
ForSet will adapt the FOI request tool and facilitate civil society engagement in requesting the data to monitor the OGP commitments. They will also analyze and communicate the findings through visualizations back to the wider public.

The Public Budget is My Money Too! (Republic of Moldova)
The Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance will expand its existing monitoring portal and develop a new “library” tool that will provide basic information on frequent irregularities, familiarize users with the legal aspects, and provide examples of notifications to law-enforcement institutions, thus increasing civic awareness in terms of detecting fraudulent procedures and informing on them.

MySchool.Ge for Better Education Opportunities and Civil Engagement (Georgia)
The Center for Civil Integration and Inter-Ethnic Relations will support school communities and active citizens in Georgia to question and monitor educational public services through the development of an innovative online platform and associated mobile app (Myschool.Ge) to engage Georgian society in the improvement of educational institutions.

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