Julia Keutgen

Job title: Parliamentary Development Specialist

Mrs. Julia Keutgen is a Parliamentary Development Specialist at UNDP Brussels Liaison Office working on parliamentary development since 2011, including on parliamentary openness and innovation. Before that, she worked in the Democratic Governance Group on anti-corruption and judicial integrity issues providing policy advice and programme support to UNDP country offices. Prior to her appointment in New York, Julia worked from 2006-2008 in UNDP Burundi as a programme analyst on access to justice and criminal justice. Her previous positions included advisor in the Cabinet of the Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation and governance programme officer at the Belgian Technical Cooperation. She graduated with a master's degree in law from the University of Leuven in 2002 and in international politics from the University of Paris in 2005. Julia can be reached at julia.keutgen@undp.org and +32 2 274 1032