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Photo Loren at Summit 2016 Open Data Institute – Loren Treisman

Loren Treisman

Communications Associate at OpenOwnership

Dr Loren Treisman is a Communications Associate at OpenOwnership and a senior charity consultant. She was Executive of Indigo Trust, a grant-making organisation which funds organisations which use digital technologies to improve transparency and accountability in sub-Saharan Africa for eight years. She holds a PhD from Cambridge University and has expertise in open data, civic and social tech, international development and health. She has published extensively in the international press on these issues: and speaks widely at international conferences.

Authored Content

Photo for Huff Post privacy blog

Who Owns our Companies: Why Privacy isn’t Always in the Public Interest

At the opening ceremony of the OGP Summit, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau highlighted some of the challenges involved in regulating social media giants like Facebook and Google.  Scandals from Cambridge Analytica and beyond have raised genuine concerns around privacy…

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