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Michelle Volpin

itizenry & Government Institutions Coordinator, Directorio Legislativo

Michelle Volpin works as Citizenry & Government Institutions Coordinator for Directorio Legislativo, an independent, non-profit organization working to strengthen democracy and make law- and policy-making in Latin America more transparent, representative and participatory. She works coordinating, designing and implementing projects on transparency, open government, open parliament, citizen participation and access to public information. The projects and programs include efforts to improve access to public information and the creation of spaces for legislators and politicians to engage and be influenced by outside specialists, civil society and the public at large. 

Michelle has a degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and in journalism. Prior to joining Directorio Legislativo, she has worked as an editor independently, in the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and in non-governmental organizations such as Doctors Without Borders. She has volunteered as head of non-formal education activities involving youth groups and marginalized and under-represented communities in political and communication workshops. 

Authored Content

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