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Announcement of new International Expert Panel (IEP) Members

The Independent Reporting Mechanism is pleased to announce the selection of five individuals to the International Expert Panel (IEP) of the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM). The IEP plays an important role in setting the vision for the IRM and promoting its findings. IEP members, all renowned experts in transparency, participation, and accountability, play the principal role of guiding development and implementation of the IRM research method and ensuring the highest quality of reports. IEP members were selected through a rigorous, multistage process and were chosen for their regional expertise and diversity of experience. The new IEP members are 80% female, with strong regional expertise and work experience in Latin America, Europe, and Africa.  For the first year of membership, they will play a quality control role. Beginning in 2016, they will assume a steering role as the previous IEP members step out of that role.


Liliane Corrêa de Oliveira Klaus, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Liliane Klaus is a postdoctoral scholar from University of São Paulo, Brazil. She is both an accountant and a business administrator, and has developed her PhD on informational reception in Germany. Her research has been focused in tracking progress of governmental transparency and anti-corruption measures and in developing tools for citizens and media to assess them. 


Hazel Feigenblatt, Global Integrity, United States and Costa Rica

Hazel Feigenblatt is Managing Director of Research in Global Integrity in Washington DC, where she leads the organization’s global data collection projects focused on transparency, accountability and openness in the public sector, including national, subnational and sector-specific research efforts. These include the Global Integrity Report, the Africa Integrity Indicators, the U.S. States Investigation, and a new assessment of campaign finance laws and implementation in 54 countries.


Hille Hinsberg, Praxis Centre for Policy Studies, Estonia

Hille Hinsberg is an Estonian policy researcher and adviser on civic engagement and open governance. Her work includes policy guidelines on public participation, evaluation of government e-services, assessment of social value generated by non-profits.

She designs, leads and advises civic engagement processes. She has built open data sites and launched civic initiatives to monitor government accountability. 


Anuradha Joshi, Institute of Development Studies (University of Sussex), United Kingdom

Dr. Anuradha Joshi is a social scientist with a focus on policy processes and extensive experience in institutional analysis of development. She has worked on issues related to poverty, low-income housing, public services and environmental policy. Her current research interests focus on collective action, social accountability and service delivery – mobilising ‘demand’ in basic services and in the scaling-up of innovative service delivery approaches.


Ernesto Velasco-Sánchez, Cívicus, Consultores en Gestión Pública y Social, Mexico

Ernesto Velasco-Sánchez is a consultant specialized in the public and non-for-profit sectors, with particular focus on strategic and performance management, organizational analysis and program evaluation. He has been a consultant for the National Council for Evaluation of Social Policy in Mexico, the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations Development Program, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, among others. He has taught graduate and postgraduate courses in several higher education institutions. He has several publications on public management and accountability.


We look forward to working with this diverse and talented group. For more information on the current IEP, please see their biographies located here.

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