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OGP’s Participation and Co-Creation Toolkit: From usual suspects to business as usual

Peter Varga|

Co-creation is at the heart of open government. An ongoing open dialogue between government and civil society is essential for good governance in the 21st century, to make governments more effective and efficient, less corrupt and more trusted. In short: to make government deliver better for the people.

OGP’s promise is to help do government differently, opening it up by bringing citizens (back) into the design, implementation and monitoring of decision-making and public policies. In order to deliver on this promise, we have been continuously raising the bar on co-creation, encouraging governments to set up multi-stakeholder forums, rolling out the Participation and Co-creation Standards, and fine-tuning the Partnership’s “rules of the game” to encourage better co-creation practices.

Thanks to the collective ambition to bring citizens and government closer in policy-making, our Partnership has provided a lot of learnings on how to create opportunities for dialogue and participation since 2011. This Toolkit captures a multitude of these good practices and presents them to encourage further adoption and innovation and help government reformers and civil society partners alike in improving the quality and output of co-creation processes across OGP.

For all interactive functionalities, please download the Toolkit and view it with Adobe Reader, which you can download here.

Also, in the spirit of true co-creation, we would love to hear your feedback, as well as all the latest good practices you may have around OGP co-creation. Please submit any reactions or new examples, tools and tips on the commentable version of this Toolkit to

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