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Open Gov Week 2019: You Said It Best!

Open Gov Week 2019: ¡Como tú lo dijiste!

Stephanie Bluma|

For this year’s Open Gov Week, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) asked everyone to make a dedicated effort to include new voices in conversations. The response was amazing. Nearly 30 percent of the 513 events in 52 countries focused on inclusion, and how to better engage women, youth, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized populations.

These events – and many more on open contracting, civic space, and beneficial ownership – were amplified across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram reaching a potential audience of 60 million. Dozens of partners also joined in, including Transparency International, CoST, IDEA, UNDP, Open Heroines, Hivos, and Counterpart International.

Reaching the 30 percent mark for inclusion is a major step for our partnership, which thrives on diverse voices being heard. And, it’s a good reminder of the goal OGP has set for 30 percent of its members to take a transformative gender and inclusion action in 2019. You can learn more about that initiative here.

Now,  let’s all get inspired by what you said during Open Gov Week in 2019.

Ukraine convened a special congress to discuss how gender equity can build stronger local governments. The Ukrainian Prime Minister even participated in #OpenGovWeek events. United Kingdom celebrated Feminist Open Government Day, which included a discussion and workshops on the gender pay gap. Canada hosted a webinar on feminist open government and how to use tools like GBA+ to advance gender-based perspectives in reviews and analysis, and IDRC convened a session at CSW to talk about how governments can innovate to better deliver on public services for women and girls.

Ecuador hosted events all week long, even having the Vice-President participate in a high-level event. Honduras and Chile even held open government fairs during the week, while organizations in the United States hosted some events as part of both Sunshine Week and Open Gov Week.

Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Argentina, Indonesia, and Italy hosted events around youth to involve more young people in OGP processes while Jordan, Chile, Ukraine, New Zealand and Italy re-launched their new national action plans.

During Open Gov Week, the OGP team also visited Albania, North Macedonia, the UK, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Morocco. We saw first hand the dedication and determination to make OGP more impactful and inclusive.

Thanks to all who participated in Open Gov Week.  Your enthusiasm is contagious and we look forward to seeing you all in Ottawa, Canada for this year’s OGP Global Summit.


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